Pisgah Youth Organization
P.O. Box 8093     West Chester, Ohio  45069

 PYO Officers & Financials

2018-2019 Officers

President Joy Samberg
Vice President  Greg Ernst
Vice President  Rob Strotman
Secretary  Ali Wittekind
Treasurer Gene Drozd


Financial Information

The Pisgah Youth Organization is an independent non-profit community organization. We receive no funding from the township. We own the grounds on Rt. # 42 where the PYO fields are located and therefore, our budget includes provisions for field equipment maintenance and replacement, in addition to the overall Baseball and Softball program funding cost. Our budget plan takes into consideration increases in fuel & utilities, field maintenance cost due to hiring independent contract labor to provide grass cutting services and reserve funding to provide continued field improvements.

Hopefully, this information will help gain a greater understanding of where our money is spent each year. Information regarding PYO's financials are readily available to our membership and if there are any specific questions please feel free to ask.

Any financial inquiries should be made in writing, addressed to the P.O. Box above, attention: PYO Treasurer.


Reserve Funds and Operating Cash
Each year funds are allocated to a reserve account which is divided into two parts, the first of which is an operating  reserve from where we pay our operating expenses. The second part is a restricted reserve maintained for the purpose of replacement of Backstops, Fencing, Roofs on buildings, Maintenance equipment and things associated to our real estate with an ascertainable life expectancy. It may also be used to temporarily cover unexpected operating expenses. The loss of a major piece of equipment -- [our tractor could cost approximately  $17,000 to $ 20,000 to replace]. This is why it is prudent to carry a healthy restricted reserve. Any excess operating funds available at the end of the year may be carried over to the next year and applied to operating cost. These funds may also be reallocated to the restricted reserve.

Ground  Maintenance / Repairs
Cost of maintaining our  fields include grass cutting, weed control, trimming, field dragging, heavy equipment field maintenance (such as cutting infields larger and using graders on the fields), infield ball diamond material, trash control, painting, repairs to fencing and backstops and other general ground repair. Also includes the cost to maintain all ballpark equipment.

Cost includes our general liability, officers and property damage, coverage on our equipment, buildings, and contents, transporting and operating our equipment.  Also included is our  player, coach and umpire participant coverage which will pick up limited coverage beyond a member's primary medical coverage.

Miscellaneous Administrative Operations
Expenses in this category include the Select Teams' uniform cost and other operational expenses for which we received offsetting income. Also included in this category are unusual non- reoccurring expenses, refunds, credits, league fees, program cost, ground supplies, postage, printing, meetings, advertising, utilities, trophies, awards and other miscellaneous items too cumbersome to list here,  although they can be identified at anytime by a itemized category report.

Player Equipment
Baseball, Softball and Umpire equipment is graded at the end of each season and allocated for repair or replacement if necessary. This is why it is extremely important to have all equipment turned in at the end of the season. Teaching our children how to care for  equipment will prolong it’s usefulness and reduce expenses. The Kid Glove ticket fund-raiser  is extremely helpful in securing new equipment and covering other baseball/softball items. We ask that each team does their fair share in support this program. If you have equipment in need of replacement please let us know about this in a timely manner

Player  Uniforms
Recently have been upgraded throughout most of the leagues. After listening to input of coaches and players, most requests have been met. Uniforms represent a major cost and are contract bided approximately every two years. All players must provide their own pants [ suggest white ].

Postage and Printing
Costs include, player registration forms, roster forms, registration  flyers and posters, newsletters, announcements, letterhead, envelopes, etc.. When and where appropriate we  take advantage of price breaks by having sufficient quantities of forms printed to cover our needs for multiple years.

Tournament Teams and Select Teams 
Tournament & Select team uniforms and entry fees are paid for by participants.  These are self supporting team levels, however expenses may be paid by team sponsors. Coaches are responsible for finding your own sponsor at these levels as well as the registration of your team.

Umpire Labor
Umpire labor is a direct cost.  Anyone interested in umpiring  needs to attend our Umpire Certification School .

Utilities and Telephone
Utilities includes all  Duke Energy services, Internet Fees and Water service to our buildings. A telephone line was installed at the administration building  primarily for  recorded  messages regarding field conditions and activity information. The Hotline Phone # is (513) 755 - 6500 .

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