Knothole Western Region

2014 Final Game Schedules -- April 3rd 2014

 The below posted Game Schedules assembled/produced by the Western Region Knothole League are Final Schedules. Any Game Schedule changes beyond this point will need to be handled by the Team Coaches and/or other designated individual(s) using the same process that Rain-out rescheduling is dealt with by your Community or District.

These game schedules have been revised as indicated below. Please review and adjust as we have added and removed teams from the original schedule.

These new schedules may be passed out to your Coaches and parents so they can plan their Spring and Summer at the BallFields. Apologies for the revisions.



2014 Western Region Game Schedule Configuration and City Tournament Seeding Logic

Game Schedule Community Abbreviation Chart

2014 Western Region Knothole Rules

2014 City Tournament Rules

Game Schedules

A Class

B Senior / 13U  - REVISED 4/6

B Junior / 12U

C Senior / 11U - REVISED 4/6

C Junior / 10U - REVISED 4/6

D Senior / 9U - REVISED 5/13 - Removed Hartwell and 3 other games to square up game schedule

D Junior / 8U - REVISED 4/6

Rainout Hotline #'s
   Corpus Christi       825-0236
   North Hills              929-2255
   Olympian Club       825-1835
   Pisgah (PYO)        755-6500
                 Sharonville              563-4257  x 7302
   Springdale              346-3927
       St. Bernard             242-6393  
   Wyoming                 842-1381
               Evendale                956-2667 x 620 

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